Updated; 08-05-2021, 07:34

Between Sunday 9 May and Saturday 29 May, Europe Weeks 2021 will be celebrated in a 21-day journey from the North to the South of Albania to meet with citizens and enjoy special events, fairs, concerts and debates on EU and Albania.

This year’s Europe Weeks programme is about exchanging with local communities through a travelling exhibition about the EU, its policies and values, its financial assistance to Albania together with the EU Member States.

Our key topics revolve around EU4Schools, EU4 Culture, EU4Innoivation, EU4Agriculture and Erasmus+.

A combination of Albanian and European entertainment through music, EU movie nights as well as documentaries on Albania’s cultural heritage will accompany the EU Delegation’s journey testifying to what we have been showing so far: Europe Is Here!

Ahead of Europe Weeks 2021, EU Ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca said: “In these trying times, the power of solidarity has brought us closer together like never before. As Europe Weeks are about to start, we board into a journey with the desire to meet and exchange, reaching out to Albanians in their cities, towns and villages, in the valleys, at the coast and in the mountains: to support, to protect, to invest and to celebrate.”

Well-known artists DJ Oda, Robert Bisha, Marsela Cibukaj, Vitmar Basha and others will join the road trip with their performances from Tamara to Butrint to celebrate togetherness and the strong bonds between Albania and the EU.

On Sunday, 9 May, at 11:00, Ambassador Soreca will deliver his Europe Day message.

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