Updated; 06-04-2017, 13:34

Since 2 decades, Telekom Albania is the operator that offers to its clients the best technology. Its products and services have been an essential factor in bringing Albanians to the same steps with the other European countries in the field of technology and not only. After the inclusion at the big family of Magenta, Telekom Albania has consolidated even more its position as the provider of services with the best network tested in Albania by an international company “P3 Communications”, as well as bringing the best customer experience.

NOA.al: With the technological development providing 4G and even 4G+ the clients are more willing to utilise the facilities asking even for more new services. What’s the impact that technology brings to citizens and their daily life?

The development of technology is making possible that more and more services are made online, such as online purchases, bills payment, management of accounts, travel bookings, etc. For providing all these services, the network is substantial; our 4G+ network makes possible that these services are functioning perfectly, growing the potential of offering even more services, shortening the time of execution.

The navigation in the most trustful network in Europe and gives the possibility to the public to be part of a world that is going towards digitisation. Also, the extraordinary speed of data transfer puts our clients in a society that becomes more and more connected.

NOA.al: What’s the percentage of the territory covered with 4G and 4G+?

A great work has been done during the last years for the extension of the network, in all the areas of Albania and today Telekom Albania covers 78% of the population with 4G service, or with LTE, as an alternative name. I can affirm that due to our technical and human capacities, our network is very powerful even in geographically difficult areas. However, our work on achieving higher standards never stops.

NOA.al: Can you list some services that can be accessed from customers thanks to the evolution of the technology that you mentioned above?

Telekom Albania offers personalised products for the clients, adapting to the nature of each business, such as “Office 365” service in partnership with Microsoft. Also Dantem, a program dedicated specifically to the dentists’ needs, helping them to better plan their schedules and data.

NOA.al: An innovative service, which was applied recently in Tirana is the electronic parking via SMS. How does this service work?

You only have to send your licence plate number via an SMS to 50500 and the payment is done. The fee is ALL100 per hour. This is confirmed by an SMS that comes to your number along with the number of the e-ticket. Five minutes before the deadline another SMS reminds you that time is running out. Telekom Albania offers comprehensive programs for communication, at the same time solutions that ease people’s everyday life.

This is just one of a series of services of this nature, which we are implementing in the service of the citizens. Something really notable is the technical expertise with diverse technology solutions that are used in European countries given to us by Deutsche Telekom Group.

NOA.al: Some companies are your subscribers, as well. What do you offer to them with the new technology?

Telekom Albania offers for several years already an ‘all inclusive’ portfolio of offers tailored specifically to the needs of professionals, small and medium companies and large corporations while not excluding a very important field which is the public sector. The portfolio includes all communication needs of a business starting from basic services to personalised ones, such as specialized sales agent, dedicated Internet service or customised technological infrastructure.

Telekom Albania as part of Deutsche Telekom Group has signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft, cloud services like “Office 365”, “Storage”, “E-mail” etc. We turn all these collaborations into concrete opportunities for companies, which are our subscribers. Telekom SIM card also provides free health service, in partnership with the best private hospitals in the country. Simply by registering to ONE LIFE program every subscriber benefit medical visits and free checkups. Through this service, Telekom Albania gives a new perspective to its commitment to improve people’s quality of life through technology. The company offers not only products and services that enable communication among people and facilitate their daily lives, but also gives them the opportunity to care for their health.

NOA.al: E-consulate is another service. How does it work and what is the impact on immigrants and their families?

E-Consulate application contains lots of information that helps every Albanian citizen residing abroad, but not only. E-consulate contains official information about the documentation needed for travel or legal acts for citizens living abroad, contacts of the Albanian diplomatic offices in the world, receiving consular services in emergency cases and distribution of warning notices. This application is updated constantly, following new developments of politics.

E- Consulate has an official information for orientation about visas (for countries that require a visa), contacting the missions, getting consular services in emergencies and distribution of warning notices.

NOA.al: Telekom Albania is part of Deutsche Telekom Group, the largest telecommunications group in Europe, which has recently reached the highest value brand in its history, with 300% growth. In this way, Deutsche Telekom retains the top spot as the brand with the telecommunications value in Europe. How does this affect Telekom Albania and its subscribers?

Telekom brand implies technological advantage, unmatched subscriber experience and most trusted network in Europe. In this context, our philosophy, our corporate responsibility and any action of ours is designed to bring value to our customers and society. Our subscribers are connected at any time and in any place, it expresses our slogan “Moments that connect us”.

Telekom Albania identifies innovative products at an early stage and develops in cooperation with partners. This ability forms the basis of trust – an essential component of long-term relationships.

NOA.al: It has been a tradition in the past that AMC further Telekom, being the first to bring latest generation of mobile devices in Albania. Will this tradition continue?

The tradition will not only continue, but also other technological innovations will follow it.

Telekom Albania has agreements with major global devices Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei etc., to enable us to always offer newest models.

NOA.al: You are offering mobile TV service. How does this service work and what innovation does it bring?

Mobile TV is an app for iOS and Android operating systems, which can be used very easily on any device that the customer has in possession. The subscriber has to access to the internet, no matter the geographical location of the user. Often we call it: “portable TV, wherever you are”. With the mobile TV application, a sport match, a movie or a documentary is easily accessible.