Updated; 19-11-2016, 20:39

A new vision for Tirana will combine the city of the past with that of the future, Prime Minister Edi Rama said today on the occasion of the opening of the new hotel in Tirana "Hotel Plaza", an investment of a private Albanian business. In his address, the Prime Minister praised the unique architecture of the building.

“This is not, at least in my opinion, an additional 5-star hotel in Europe, but it is one more work in the precious collection of contemporary architecture, and it is a work praised internationally as one of the most impressive building of the past 10 years which has also been exposed in the place of honour in the architecture biennale in Venice which is undoubtedly the most prestigious platform of world architecture. What I think makes special this work is the fact that it is not merely the next high-technology tower, but it is a form arising from this environment, in addition to having what in today’s modern architecture is called the particularity of the environment intelligence where the work is born.”

The Prime Minister considered this work as part of the new vision of Tirana combining the city’s past, present and future.

"I believe that this is the first, but not the last work in series of works that have been since long part of a new vision for Tirana, and which are being built and will continue to be built in an attempt to give Tirana a new skyline, while also creating the premises that in addition to the city of the past and present, will have within also the city of the future. The added value of this work is that it becomes here also part of the capitals’ landscape, part of the city’s social life, and it is not a scary concrete monster but it is, in my opinion, a sweet, attractive and also stimulating presence for our imagination. I wish all the works that will be built in the future to be like this one.