Updated; 09-10-2016, 19:12

Shortly after introducing One Life – the free healthcare program of Telekom Albania – two of the biggest hospitals in the country, Hygeia and American Hospital, will offer this new service. Starting today, all customers of Telekom Albania can benefit the One Life program via the network of these hospitals all around the country. Telekom Albania, in partnership with the best private medical institutions in the country e.g. Hygeia and American Hospital, offers to its subscribers the possibility of a more healthy life, just by registering at any Telekom shop and recharging the Telekom number.

A complete package of medical examination and personal consultation with doctors of Hygeia and American Hospital is now available to each customer of the company. Telekom Albania not only offers products and services that enable communication and facilitate everyday life, but also gives people the opportunity to care for their own health in some of the most prestigious hospitals in Albania.

Customers that recharge by 1.000 Lek, benefit the Silver package that includes free unlimited medical visits to the pathologist, cardiologist, orthopedist, surgeon, gynecologist or pediatrician. They benefit this package every time they recharge. At the same time, customers can acquire the upgraded Gold package when recharging by 1.000 Lek for three consecutive months. It includes the annual package of complete blood count, cholesterol, glycaemia and cardiac tests, as well as dental control and dental cleaning.

All post-paid customers of Smart programs benefit both Silver and Gold packages just by becoming part of One Life, while those registered at One Family program can make all their family enjoy this healthcare program.

Telekom Albania has frequently made its human and technology resources available to the health system in the country, be it establishing the IT infrastructure, providing specialized medical equipment or renovating premises in various health institutions. One Life is the latest promise of Telekom Albania to increase the life quality of its customers!

For two decades now, Telekom Albania – the first operator of mobile telephony in the country – continues to offer the best technology to its customers. The one year of Telekom Albania into the big Magenta family has further consolidated the company’s position as the provider with the most trustworthy and 4G best certified network and excellent customer experience in the country. /noa.al/