Updated; 16-02-2017, 16:14

By Edison Kurani

Editor-in-chief Albanian Free Press

The launch of a new media is always good news to everyone. To those who are part of the great world of the Fourth Estate and to the general public, because it is a clear indicator of the value of the free speech, as a human right, but also a constitutional right.

Albanian Free Press is a new quest to deliver the noble mission of the free speech.

But this is not its only mission.

AFP is committed to deliver a second mission, which is a very important one: to keep the noble tradition of the printed newspaper alive, in a world where technology is changing fast, with the belief that this tradition bears values that will never be lost.

This is a stance that is also shared by renowned columnists, who as of today, are part of AFP print and AFP online.

You will be able to find AFP from Monday to Saturday in all newsstands, free of charge.

You can also receive your copy of AFP wherever you are: At your favorite bar, at the mall or the offices that you go to and all over the capital starting early in the morning.

You can also receive AFP by subscribing at the Albanian Post Office, by paying only a small delivery charge in order for you to receive the paper at your home, office or place of business.

Without any doubt, technology has not been left behind. We’re not only aiming to preserve the AFP print tradition, but we’re also keeping pace with technology through AFP online. In the afternoon, you will be able to find the daily newspaper’s stories published on each dedicated category and on PDF by visiting afp.al and Albanianfreepress.al.

AFP also offers you an opportunity to be updated in real time with the latest stories from Albania and the world.

AFP also comes with dedicated pages in English, with a careful selection of materials from the daily edition of the Albanian version of the newspaper.

The journey has started, let us hope that it will be a long and an enjoying one for all of us!